Cacio e Pepe

cacio e pepe




Cacio e Pepe Ristorante Italiano offers timeless Italian specialties that promise to transport diners’ palates to various regions of Italy for a truly traditional culinary experience. 



The namesake pasta dish, Cacio e Pepe, a simple, creamy combination of pecorino cheese and pepper will be served inside a cheese wheel creating a one of a kind experience that will delight those that order it. Other features will be a crudo bar complete with an Italian specialty manual slicer that will aid in creating the lightest pieces of prosciutto and other sliced cheeses and meats imaginable. Freshly made pastas with the standards like Vongole (clams) and Bolognese but also with some added luxuries like truffle oil and veal ragout.

Chef Stefano Mazzi’s real passion will reside in Cacio e Pepe’s fish offerings as a true homage to his roots from the Italian Riviera. Mazzi’s fish preparation will distinguish his style as he embraces the light textures and flavors of snapper and sea bass as well his own take on Fruti di Mare. Cacio e Pepe also plans to feature a specialty Italian Brunch on the weekends which will be one month after its opening